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Yamaha Tricker in the mountains
Yamaha Tricker in the Bucegi Mountains, Romania

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Derbi Mulhacen ride report

In march 2007, I bought the Derbi Mulhacen, a modern Scrambler.

At this moment, the Derbi Mulhacen is still rarely seen on the street. It is a motorcycle which is manufactured with high quality components, and with a very lively engine (the same angine as is used in the Yamaha XT660).

Here are my impressions during the first and subsequent rides: a rider report.

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The Derbi Mulhacen

I saw the Derbi Mulhacen for the first time as a prototype on the Intermot. I was smitten.

The prototype has come into production, and has stayed almost as beautiful as the prototype. I have made a test ride, and it rides superbly. I did buy one this spring.

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Severe crash with motorcycle

In juli 2005 an oncoming vehicle turned left, at the moment that the front wheel of my BMW R1200GS was there. I never had expected that I would get involved in such an accident, but it happened: the car hit me, and I thought I would die.

That didn't happen, but it was a severe accident. Here an analysis.

Added: one and a half year later...

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Biskaia on motorcycle

In 2003, we traveled to the north (Atlantic) coast of Spain, to Gorlitz, just above Bilbao. Visits to Gasteiz, to the Castle of Butron, motorcycle riding in Biskaia, and the sea, the beach, eating and drinking.

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Some information about the site

Some information about the site, the authors, and why google adsense is used.

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The BMW R1200GS

Because the Roadrunner was getting old (300.000 km on the clocks), I decided to buy a BMW R1200GS. On paper, it seemd the ideal bike. Here my review. And the unfortunate end of the story.

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To Rimini on the Bimota

A trip to Rimini on the Bimota, visiting the Bimota Factory. Stefano Zacche was an engineer with Bimota, and wrote me that he read the story and had fond memories. He sent me photographs of the SB8K, which had a victory, and allowed me to use the photographs on the page.

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Intermot and Alps on motorcycle

In september 2004, we decided to visit the Intermot in München, Germany. And when you're nearby, you might just as well ride on to the Alps.

Our friend Pim happens to live in Switserland, and we never visited him over there, so it was clear that those Alps would be the Swiss Alps. With photographs.

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Ardeche on motorcycle

In may 2001, we spent a few days in the Ardeche, camping in the gardens of a friend, with some fellow motorcycle riders. The Ardeche offers many great road for motorcycling.

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Tuscany on motorcycle

In the end of may, beginning of june 2001, Ernst and me rode from the Ardeche, through the French Alps to Tuscany, where I had to attend a working group meeting for my work, in San Miniato.

The Alps are fantastic during that time of the year (just open or still closed, with plenty of snow), the Appennines are a real motorcyclists area, and Tuscany has, I must say, very much that is very beautiful.

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French Vosges on motorcycle

In July 1999, we spent a few days in the French Alsace: the Vosges, after a short trip to Germany (Trier).

Cosy hotels, very good food, and above all: a great variety of roads, with the Route des Cretes as the road of all roads.

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