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Using photographs, copyright

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Photographer in a mirror,in front of a tunnel
The photographer at a tunnel in the Sierra Nevada

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Information about the use of and the copyright of the photographs on http://www.sylviastuurman.nl and about the copyright on the text..

Use a photograph

You may use the photographs on this website for your own website, if:

It's also possible to use a photographs without these requirements. In that case, we agree to a price per month of use. In such a case, send me an email so that we can come to an agreement.

When you want to use a photo for another purpose, such as a presentation or in print, please contact me, and we will discuss the possibilities (and for instance send the original of the photograph, in a higher resolution).


The copyright of the photographs stays with us (Ernst Anepool and Sylvia Stuurman).

And we hope very much that they please many people!


Copyright text

What is always allowed, is to place a link to the site or a page of this site. And of course, I like to hear about that, so it would be nice if you would mail me about it.

If you would like to have a picture with a link, you can check out ->  this example.

It is not allowed to copy text of this website!


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Using photographs, copyright

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© Copyright Sylvia Stuurman (text) and Ernst Anepool (photo's).
Copyright 1990-now.
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