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Adventures and crashes

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Line of the motorcycle, over a low wall
Yes, a BMW R1100GS is able to do that!

When riding motorcycle, things don't always turn out the way you expect: adventures belong to motorcycle riding.
Unfortunately, going down from time to time also seems to belong. Here you find my adventures.

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In juli 2005, an oncoming car decided to steer to the left, at the moment that my front wheel was next to his car. I'd never thought something like that would ever happen to me, but it did: I was hit, and thought I would die. That didn't happen, and I recovered reasonably well, but is was and will always be a far-reaching event.

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In November 1997, I visited the BMW enduro-course in Hechlingen, Germany, together with Roland, Pim, and Ernst. The course is organised by Richard Schalber. We hired BMW R11GSses at the site (as you will see below, this is recommended because of several reasons).
Our instructors were Gregor (for the advanced enduro riders: Ernst) and Winfried (for the beginners: Roland, Pim and me).
Most fellow-riders rode on BMW R11GSses; a few had hired an F650, and several advanced riders did it on XR's (if I remember correctly). At the end of the course, I was riding the BMW R80 Basic which you see here.
Below, I will summarize what we learned, and I will explain the modifications on the Beemers. (Oh, and the pictures you see are from Pim).

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Adventures and crashes

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