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Motorcycle Riding Links

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Sylvia on an R1100GS in a corner
Ground clearance of a BMW R1100GS

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Here, you find motorcycle riding links: great roads, riding techniques, and riding courses.

General Motorcycle Riding Sites

  en  How to Pick up a Fallen Bike
A fool-proof method (I've tried it myself) to pick up your bike.
Another method (safer with respect to letting your bike fall to the other side while picking it up, but you have to be stronger to do it this way) can be found on my Hechlingen page.

  en  The Pace by Nick Ienatsch
An article about "the pace", a way to enjoy corners (with others).

  en  Factsheets of Mike Waite
Factsheets on advanced riding aspects.
These factsheets focus especially on looking. Very good tips!

Great Roads

  en  Open Road Journey
Motorcycle roads all over the world.

  en  Great Roads for Biking in the UK
Hundreds of great biking roads in the United Kingdom.
It's just incredible how many great motorcycle roads there are in the UK. It's probably the best motorcycle country of the world by far!

  en  Biking in the Alps
Descriptions of roads in every Alp-country: France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.
Including maps and general information.

  en  Motorcycle Video Web Experience
Flash videos of motorcycle rides on great roads in the Alps and in Norway.

  en  Best Biking Roads
A motorcycle routes knowledge base for bikers.


  en   BMW Enduro Training
Enduro courses with BMW bikes in Hechlingen (Germany) and Aras (Spain)
See my Hechlingen page on this site.

  en  Superbike School
This is the site of the superbike school of Keith Code, the author of the "Twist of the Wrist" books.
He offers courses on circuits in California, Europe and Australia.

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Motorcycle Riding Links

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