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Road signs in the French Pyrenees
Which way to go?

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Here you find links to travel related sites: general travel sites, travel stories that I like, travel organisations, and camping or hotels that specialise in motorcycle riders.

General Travel Sites

  en  Adventure Rider
The main part of this site is the Adventure Rider Forum, with travel reports (with often very good photographs), and other motorcycle-travel related forums. There is a Hall of Wisdoms as well.

  en  The Alpine Motorbiker
A special site for the motorcycle heaven on this earth: the Alps!
Travel reports, descriptions of passes, weather information, hotels in the region and so on...

  en  Horizon's Unlimited
This is a Motorcycle Traveler's E-zine. Traveler's stories, trip planning, a bulletin board, and different articles in each issue.
And a very extensive links page.

  en  Doc's Motorcycle Touring Pit Stop
Doc's Pitstop is a very pleasant place to be, with lots of well written pages with advice for travelers, on trip planning, on motorcycle camping, on how to ride in that difficult strange part of the world that is called Europe, etcetera.
There are lots of travel stories as well, both of Doc himself and of others, and links.
Good for days of reading!

Motorcycle Travel Stories

 es  Trial Tango Trail
Motorcycle travel in the small.
Click on the tree icon, and then just choose one of the minitravels. Beautiful pictures, of Javier in the area around Seville, Spain.

 en  GuzziGalore
In his own words: "It took me only 1.5 month to get from Prudhoe Bay to Tijuana in Mexico, a 13000 km's ride on a 32 year old Moto Guzzi V7. In Mexico this circus came to a sliding halt. I realized that it must be in my case the dumbest thing to speed up to Ushuaia, finish the trip, go back home and face daily routine again
He is now traveling as slowly as possible in South-America. A great read!

 en  Lois on the Loose
Lois rode through Africa and through both Americas and is a talented writer. Both journies can be followed in a journal and photographs on her site, and in a book as well.
A great personality and great stories!

  en  Rocinante's Travels
Rocinante's Travels, Bente and Dag (from Norway) travel on their Triumph Tiger.
Spain, the America's.
Very well written, and great photographs.

  en  Carla Kings's Misadventures
She rode through Italy on a Motor Guzzi, alongside the American Borders on an Ural with sidecar, through China on a Chiang Yang motorcycle, and through India on an Enfield Bullet.
This is a great travel site!

  en  Ted Simon's Page, Twice around the world
Ted Simon is the archetype of the world traveler, and one of the firsts, and he is a very good writer as well.
His site is complementary to his books.

  de  Carlos Motorrad- und Reiseseite
Travel stories with great photographs. Carlo has traveled in lots of European countries, in almost every Sahara-country in Africa, and in Canada.
He also collected tips and advise for travelers, and links to travelinfo for different countries.

  de  Possi's Webseiten
This site is the mother of all Motorcycle Travel sites. Possi has been all over the world on several motorcycles.
He is a great photographer, and has a very big website, and you will find not only accounts of his travels, but also tips about traveling on a motorcycle, riding in difficult circumstances, on photography, on GPS, and with information about his bikes.
Simply said, the very best site ;-)

  en  Meine's Travel pages
Apart from travelogues (several travels in Spain, and the Ardennes), you will find here information on books and magazines, and links to fellow motorcycle travelers. There is a Version in Dutch as well.

Motorcycle Travel Organisations

  en   Ride Texas Tours
Offers rides in the Big Bend area and the Texas Hill country (see our Texas travel story. In their own words: We'll guide you to the most beautiful motorcycle riding on the back roads of this grand State of Texas.

  en  Due South
Due South is a motorcycle tour operator in South Africa. They offer road-based motorcycle tours on BMW's.

  en  and   de  Kroatien Aktiv
Motorrider tours in Croatia. As they say themselves: "The most beautiful roads of Croatia invite you on a motorbike adventure.".

  nl    Crossroads motortours
Motorreizen over de hele wereld.

  nl    Indonesië op de motor
22-daagse avontuurlijke rondreizen door Indonesië. Op de site vind je ook foto's en reisverslagen van deelnemers.

  nl    Andalucië op de motor
(site in  en English,  de German or  nl Dutch)
Motorreizen en dagtochten in het zuiden van Spanje: Andalucië. Op de site vind je veel foto's en reisverslagen van deelnemers.

Campings and hotels

  es  Anzanigo
Site in Spanish.
A camping with a hostel, for motorcyclists in the Spanish Pyrenees, near Jaca. Information is in Spanish, but is easy to understand, and the owners speak English.

  nl  Camping het IJzeren paard
In the hills of South Limburg, the Netherlands, a camping site for motorcycle riders where you can come with your own ten or rent one, with a bar where you can have breakfast, eat, and of course drink.

  en  MC Touring Club Camp
Site in Danish, German or English.
A camping for motorcyclists in Denmark. Location on this map.

  en  Camping Moto in France
Site in Dutch, German or English.
A camping for motorcyclists in the Drôme in France.

  en  Motorherberg Les Tronces
Centrally in the Vosges, there is a motorcycle riders inn with a Dutch owner, Wim. You can sleep there, and eat, and drink at the bar. Wim is always full of stories, and knows good motorcycle trips in the surroundings.

  en  Motorherberg Le Baton rouge
(Site in Dutch, English and German) In Vielsalm, a motorcycle riders inn in the Belgian Ardennes. Hetty loves colour and tiles and cooking, and Ben does lots of work to make extra rooms in the house: after every winter, the hotel has grown a bit.

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Motorcycle Travel Links

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